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Jan Molenaar

Principal Investigator
Jan Molenaar
Jan Molenaar
Prof. dr. Jan Molenaar leads a research group in the Princess Máxima Center, which focuses on precision medicine in pediatric cancer.
Phone +31 6 18051678
  • Integrative analysis of neuroblastoma by single-cell RNA sequencing identifies the NECTIN2-TIGIT axis as a target for immunotherapy

    • feb. 2024
    • Judith, Wienke, et al
    • Cancer Cell
  • Adoptive cell therapy in paediatric extracranial solid tumours

    • nov. 2023
    • Elisa, Zappa, et al
    • European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990)
  • Two opposing gene expression patterns within ATRX aberrant neuroblastoma

    • aug. 2023
    • Michael R, van Gerven, et al
    • PloS one
  • Three-Dimensional Modeling of Solid Tumors and Their Microenvironment to Evaluate T Cell Therapy Efficacy In Vitro

    • jul. 2023
    • Ronja, Pscheid, et al
    • Journal of Immunology
  • Systematic discovery of gene fusions in pediatric cancer by integrating RNA-seq and WGS

    • jul. 2023
    • Ianthe A E M, van Belzen, et al
    • BMC Cancer
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