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Jikke Wams

Research Assistant
Jikke Wams

Dosimetry: Radiation exposure assessment and quantification in childhood cancer survivors

Phone 088 97 25 192

Project description:

Given the fact that radiation therapy as a treatment for childhood cancers can lead to severe late health problems, retrospective research into dose effect relationships provides valuable insights for future treatment and for follow-up guidelines. As a radiation technologist, I am currently working on two research projects (PhD project Lisanne Verbruggen) and (postdoc project Jop Teepen). The aim is to get more insight into the risks of and risk factors for respectively two severe late health problems, subsequent meningiomas and colorectal adenomas among childhood cancer survivors. I mainly focus on the quantification of radiotherapy parameters of importance in performing large-scale dose reconstructions (dosimetry). Detailed historic treatment information about former radiotherapy treatments, like hand written notes (on technical parameters of mostly 2D planned treatments) in combination with 2D radiographs form the basis for the registration of radiotherapy-related risk factors with special attention on volume and dose.

Supervisor(s): Lisanne Verbruggen (PhD ), Jop Teepen (postdoc), Judith Kok (postdoc)