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Judith Wienke

Judith Wienke
Judith Wienke
Neuroblastoma immunology and immunotherapy
Phone 088 97 27 678

The aim of this project is to 1) identify novel targets for immunotherapeutic interventions in neuroblastoma, 2) develop and investigate innovative (combinations of) immunotherapeutic interventions for clinical applicability, with the ultimate goal of introducing novel treatment options for neuroblastoma.

We will investigate the immune environment of neuroblastoma, and possibly other tumors, starting with single cell RNA sequencing and isolation of tumor-infiltrating immune cells to identify novel targets for immunotherapy. Target identification will be aimed at both undermining tumor immune evasion and increasing the anti-tumor effectivity of immune cells. After target validation, different innovative strategies and combinations of immunotherapeutic interventions will be tested; first in vitro on tumor cell lines and organoids, and later in vivo in murine models. Ultimately, effective interventions will be introduced into the clinical trial phase.

  • Neuroblastoma and DIPG Organoid Coculture System for Personalized Assessment of Novel Anticancer Immunotherapies

    • aug. 2021
    • Waleed, M Kholosy, et al
    • Journal of personalized medicine
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