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Madeleine van der Perk

MD PhD student
Madeleine van der Perk
Madeleine van der Perk

PAREL study: Preserving ovarian function through cryopreservation and informing girls with cancer about infertility due to gonadotoxic treatment.
  • Oncofertility Perspectives for Girls with Cancer

    • okt. 2022
    • M. E.Madeleine, van der Perk, et al
    • Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
  • Effect of Genetic Variation in CYP450 on Gonadal Impairment in a European Cohort of Female Childhood Cancer Survivors, Based on a Candidate Gene Approach

    • sep. 2021
    • M E Madeleine, van der Perk, et al
    • Cancers
  • Oncofertility care for newly diagnosed girls with cancer in a national pediatric oncology setting, the first full year experience from the Princess Máxima Center, the PEARL study

    • mrt. 2021
    • M. E., Madeleine van der Perk, et al
    • PLoS ONE
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