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Maria Boersma

Postdoc- Coordinator
Maria Boersma
Maria Boersma
Survivorship research, epidemiological trends of childhood cancer and evidence-based pediatric oncology
Phone 088 97 25 193

Group Kremer focuses on survivorship research, epidemiological trends of childhood cancer, and evidence- based pediatric oncology. We have expertise in performing large epidemiological studies on cohorts of children with cancer and survivors, and in systematic reviews and guidelines. We quantify the role of cancer treatment and other important risk factors as they impact health and quality of life. Research is embedded in local, national (DCCSS LATER study group), and international networks.

In January 2020, I started as postdoc/manager in group Kremer. I assist the PI and co-PI’s in research coordination and management, coordinate PhD and student committees, and furthermore I assist the board of DCCSS-LATER research in organizational tasks.

I am also contact for students who are interested in an internship. Please send me your CV, motivation letter, and specific interests.

  • Life-Span Development of Brain Network Integration Assessed with Phase Lag Index Connectivity and Minimum Spanning Tree Graphs

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  • Increased power of resting-state gamma oscillations in autism spectrum disorder detected by routine electroencephalography

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  • Opportunities and methodological challenges in EEG and MEG resting state functional brain network research

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  • Using fMRI to Investigate Memory in Young Children Born Small for Gestational Age

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  • Cortical information flow during inferences of agency

    • jan. 2014
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