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Polina Derevyanko

PhD student
Polina Derevyanko
Impact of fusion genes on AML — bone marrow niche interactions
Phone 088 97 29 430

Fusion genes originating from chromosomal rearrangements are characteristic for many acute myeloid leukaemias. And, beyond trying to understand how those fusion genes change the behaviour of the myeloblasts themselves, it would also be exciting to discover in detail: What is the contribution of the fusion genes to the interplay of AML cells and their place of origin, the bone marrow niche? How does this interplay contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease? Can we find any vulnerabilities there and target them therapeutically?

I am tackling these questions by co-culturing AML cells with the BM niche components and exploring the cell interactions by perturbation experiments in combination with high-throughput methods such as scRNA-seq.