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Uri Ilan

Clinical research fellow, PhD student
Uri Ilan
Targeted medicine in Leukemia

Although curing rate of children with acute leukemia are high, children with relapse or refractory leukemia are still remain a challenge to cure. Therefore, in order to increase their chance of survival, by genetically profiling children with relapse and refractory leukemia and finding their specific leukemic mutations, we are aiming to find a specific targeted therapy for each specific child.

In my PhD, I am planning on developing an international leukemia targeted board (iLTB) , a European collaboration which will include profiling data of relapsed and refractory children, with leukemia. Each child will be discussed on a molecular board in order to point out his specific mutation and appoint each child with leukemia into the most suitable clinical trial according to his specific genetic alteration. By using the data of these children, we would be able to find new genetic lesions which we could target in the future clinical trials.

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