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Zwaan group

My research program includes translational research projects in pediatric oncology, with a special focus on experimental therapeutics/early drug development, and acute myeloid leukemias / Down syndrome related leukemias. I am also heading the Trial and Data Center at the Princess Máxima Center.

Group leader: Prof.dr. Michel Zwaan
Phone +31 88 97 25 206
“We search for new medicines to increase survival rates
and decrease toxicity"
Prof. dr. Michael Zwaan - Group leader

 Laboratory research

The research program on myeloid leukemias is done in close collaboration with PIs in the Máxima Research Insititute, including the Stam group, the Van Boxtel group and the Heidenreich group. The program focuses on identifying determinants of clinical outcome to improve risk-group stratification, and to identify novel options for targeted treatment. Close collaboration exists with Dr. Tanja Gruber from St Jude Children’s research hospital (Memphis, USA), Dr Soheil Meshinchi from the Children’s Oncology Group (Seattle, USA), and Prof. Dirk Reinhardt from the BFM Group (Essen, Germany). Down ALL projects are performed in close collaboration with the Den Boer group.


In collaboration with


Sanne Noort

Tanja Gruber (St Jude), Ronald Stam

Characterizing the mutational landscape in pediatric AML without known causative genetic aberration

Naomi Michels

Monique den Boer

Molecular aberrations in pediatric Down Syndrome Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Fabienne Adriaanse

Tanja Gruber (St Jude), Ronald Stam

Mechanisms of HOX mediated Leukemogenesis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Eline Bertrums

Ruben van Boxtel, Bianca Goemans, Marry Van den Heuvel-Eibrink


Romy van Weelderen

Gert-Jan Kaspers, Bianca Goemans

Clinical aspects of pediatric AML   

Eline Zijtregtop

Auke Beishuizen

Identification of biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma

Clinical Research

The early clinical trial program includes clinical studies of promising novel agents for children with cancer, and in addition focuses on therapeutic drug monitoring, bioequivalence studies of pediatric-friendly formulations, and age-dependent pharmacokinetics/dynamics.

Dr. Erica Brivio is appointed as fellow in pediatric drug development at the Trial and data center. Each of the units has a dedicated pediatric oncologist with a focus on early clinical trials:

  Fellow in pediatric drug development:          

  • Erica Brivio (Bosutinib and Inotuzumab Ozogamicin studies)
  • Lenneke Schrier (Neuroblastoma phase 1B basket trial)

    Hematological malignancies Unit
  • Inge van der Sluis
  • Britta Vormoor
  • Auke Beishuizen (lymphoma)
  • Caroline Lindemans (SCT)

    Solid tumor Unit
  • Natasha van Eijkelenburg
  • Miranda Dierselhuis (fellow pediatric oncology)

    Brain tumor Unit
  • Jasper van der Lugt
  • Dannis van Vuurden (pontine glioma)

    PhD students:

    PhD student

    In collaboration with


    Natasha van Eijkelenburg


    Drug development studies in pediatric oncology

    Erica Brivio


    Early clinical trials in children with leukemia

    Uri Ilan

    Monique den Boer


    Eduardo Pennesi

    Paco Bautista


    Eric Wu

    Paco Bautista


    Kim Schellekens

    Reineke Schoot, Evelien de Vos-Kerkhof




Zwaan group