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Ziqin Tang

PhD student
Ziqin Tang
Metabolic characterization of pediatric cancer
Phone 088 97 25 266

Dietary restriction (DR) and fasting shows significant benefits in extending lifespan in both wildtype and DNA-repair deficient mice. Nevertheless, detailed signal and metabolic pathway alterations after these nutritional interventions are still unclear. However, both trigger an evolutionary well conserved “survival response” protecting against damage. By using the Seahorse XFe24 analyzer, we are aiming to characterize how pediatric cancer cells react after fasting and monitor their metabolic alteration. By characterizing changes in metabolism in pediatric cancer cells we will identify which signaling and metabolism pathways are triggered under fasting regimens. Additionally, we are designing and developing new CRISPR-Cas based gene expression regulation tools which can be used to study mild gene expression change in diseases.