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Hoeijmakers group

Although most children with cancer are cured, they may be confronted with the negative lasting effects of the treatment later in life. We aim to find ways to reduce these long-term effects and improve quality of life through nutritional interventions.

Group leader: Prof.dr. Jan Hoeijmakers
Phone +31 (0)88 97 25266

Damage to our genome occurs continuously in every cell at a massive scale. DNA damage leads to mutations that drive carcinogenesis or triggers cell death and senescence causing functional decline and aging. Our main research focus is the interplay between DNA damage accumulation and repair in cancer (therapy) and (accelerated) aging and neurodegeneration. By studying molecular mechanisms up to patients we intend to obtain an integral understanding and derive rational-based effective strategies, including nutritional and pharmacological interventions which promote overall healthy aging and reduce severe long term side effects and improve quality of life in children cured from cancer.

"I am dedicated to curing children with cancer without loss of  quality of life later" Prof. dr. Jan Hoeijmakers - Group leader

Hoeijmakers group