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Eline Bertrums

MD PhD student
Eline Bertrums
Eline Bertrums
Clonal dynamics underlying the genesis and regression of myeloid disorders
  • Whole-genome sequencing and mutational analysis of human cord-blood derived stem and progenitor cells

    • jun. 2022
    • Axel, Rosendahl Huber, et al
    • STAR protocols
  • Elevated mutational age in blood of children treated for cancer contributes to therapy-related myeloid neoplasms

    • jun. 2022
    • Eline J M, Bertrums, et al
    • Cancer discovery
  • Guideline for management of non-Down syndrome neonates with a myeloproliferative disease on behalf of the I-BFM AML Study Group and EWOG-MDS

    • mrt. 2022
    • Eline J M, Bertrums, et al
    • Haematologica
  • Antiviral treatment causes a unique mutational signature in cancers of transplantation recipients

    • okt. 2021
    • Jurrian K, de Kanter, et al
    • Cell stem cell
  • Mutation signatures of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia and normal blood progenitors associated with differential patient outcomes

    • sep. 2021
    • Arianne M, Brandsma, et al
    • Blood cancer discovery
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