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Pieters group

Focus of the Pieters group is to improve outcome of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) by the development of personalized therapies. Data from preclinical, translational and clinical studies on (epi)genetic abnormalities, monitoring early therapy responses by minimal residual disease (MRD), immunotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic developments and from therapeutic drug monitoring are studied and implemented in national and international clinical study protocols.

Group leader: Prof.dr. Rob Pieters
Phone +31 (0) 88 972 85 85
Specific goals of the Pieters group
  • Increasing cure rates and quality of life by implementation of immunotherapies including antibody based strategies and cellular therapies in treatment protocols for frontline and relapsed ALL
  • Reduction of therapy and thereby improving quality of life for specific patient groups selected by genetic features and MRD
  • Improving cure rates by development of more effective and more specific therapies for molecular-genetic and immunophenotypic subclasses of ALL
  • More rational and specific use of chemotherapeutic agents by therapeutic drug monitoring
"If cure rates for ALL can go from 0% to 85% in 40 years we can reach 100% in the next 15 years" Prof.dr. Rob Pieters - Group leader

Key publications

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Pieters group