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Selina van den Oever

PhD student
Selina van den Oever

Improving European survivorship care (PanCareFollowUp) and guideline development (IGHG)

Phone 088 97 25 192

Due to cancer treatment, although critical for survival, survivors of pediatric cancer are at risk for detrimental health- and psychosocial effects later in life. To prevent excess morbidity and preserve overall quality of life, appropriate survivorship care is of great importance. Although already of good quality in the Netherlands, survivorship care is lacking at a European level. Availability of survivorship care varies across countries, and multiple barriers exist for proper implementation. The PanCareFollowUp project aims to mitigate these challenges and to bring more evidence-based, person-centred care to clinical practice. During my PhD, I will help coordinate this project and hope to make a significant contribution to the implementation of survivorship care internationally.

Additionally, together with the International Guideline Harmonization Group (IGHG), I will develop a guideline for surveillance of metabolic syndrome, an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Research has shown that pediatric cancer survivors are at higher risk of metabolic syndrome, and better surveillance in the clinic will help mitigate cardiovascular health risk.

Supervisor: Renée Mulder