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Stephanie Schubert

Stephanie Schubert
Stephanie Schubert

Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of childhood liver cancer subtypes

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Childhood liver cancer is a rare and heterogeneous disease, consisting of multiple histological subtypes. A better understanding of the development of these subtypes can be achieved through genomic and transcriptomic data analysis of patient tissues and pediatric liver cancer models (e.g. organoids and patient-derived xenografts). My main interest lies in the functional genomics of cancers. My expertise lies both in wet-lab genetic research and bioinformatic analysis of sequencing data. Through our research, I hope to contribute to improved diagnostics and treatment of childhood cancers, including the extremely rare subtypes of pediatric liver tumors.

  • Multi-dimensional profiling of hepatoblastomas and patient-derived tumor organoids uncovers tumor subpopulations with divergent WNT activation profiles and identifies pan-hepatoblastoma drug sensitivities

    • jan. 2023
    • Thomas, Kluiver, et al
    • bioRxiv
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