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Chris Oudmaijer

MD/PhD student
Chris Oudmaijer
Nutritional interventions, otherwise known as fasting or long-term dietary restriction, as therapeutic intervention to reduce oxidative cell damage
Phone 088 97 25 633/088 97 2566
  • Research Groups:
    Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery, Erasmus University Medical Center.

    Hoeijmakers Group, van den Heuvel Group and Wijnen Group, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology.

    I’ll be coordinating the following clinical trials investigating the effect of a (preoperative) diet as a therapeutic intervention to reduce cell damage and unwanted cell growth.

FAST-Studie (Erasmus MC):
Fasting before live kidney donation, effect on donor wellbeing and postoperative recovery
A multicenter trial with live kidney donors and recipients, to investigate whether preoperative fasting before live kidney donation reduces postoperative fatigue score and improves recovery of the postoperative renal function.

KetoHep(py)-Studie (Erasmus MC):
Ketogenic diet therapy in patients with hepatocellular adenoma
A cohort-study in which we want to determine the effect of long-term dietary restriction and the ketogenic diet on the regression of hepatocellular adenoma, an uncommon, solid and benign liver lesion. Typically, it is a solitary lesion found in women within their reproductive years. Dietary restriction could be a feasible treatment strategy to avoid surgery.

FIURTT-Studie (Princess Máxima Center):
Fasting Intervention for children with Unilateral Renal Tumours to reduce Toxicity
The goal of this randomized intervention study is investigating the effect of a pre-operative fasting diet on the postoperative recovery of paediatric patients after renal surgery. We want to investigate if short-term fasting induces a protective state, which might reduce renal injury and improve post-operative renal function recovery after renal tumour surgery.