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The Princess Máxima Imaging Center

"Visualize the unexpected to drive scientific discovery"

The Princess Máxima Imaging Center is managed by Frank Bos, PhD and lead by Anne Rios, PhD. 
Frank coordinates day-to-day logistics of the Princess Máxima Imaging Center and is the go-to person for all imaging related questions, support, training and collaboration requests. 
If you would like to use one of our microscopes to advance your research, please contact us to discuss how we can help you on your way to discovery!
What we offer:
The Princess Máxima Imaging Center provides basic training and advanced imaging expertise. We can help all Máxima researchers with experimental strategy, specific training, consultation, technical assistance and image analysis. In addition, we arrange demonstrations and workshops on the latest microscope technologies.
Our equipment:
  • 1 light sheet microscope, Zeiss
  • DM6 fluorescence microscope, Leica
  • DMi8 widefield fluorescence microscope, suitable for live imaging, Leica
  • DMi8 Thunder widefield fluorescence microscope, suitable for live imaging, Leica
  • SP8 confocal microscope with 8Khz resonant scanner, suitable for live imaging, Leica
  • Workstation 2: LASX software
  • M205 FA automatized fluorescence stereomicroscope, Leica
  • Dual multiphoton/confocal LSM880 platform equipped with AiryScan suitable for live imaging, Zeiss
  • Multiphoton FVMPE-RS equipped with SIM scanner for (intravital) imaging and high-precision photomanipulation suitable for live imaging, Olympus
  • Spectrum surgical imaging device, Quest
  • IVIS SpectrumCT system for bioluminescence detection in vivo, PerkinElmer


Frank L. Bos, PhD

Anne C. Rios, PhD (PI)

Email: imaging@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl 
Frank Bos, PhD
Manager Princess Máxima Imaging Center