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Imaging Center

The Princess Máxima Imaging Center offers an advanced imaging infrastructure, expert training, and dedicated experimental support. Our mission is to drive research forward by providing cutting-edge imaging technologies and equipment, enabling researchers to capture the dynamic spatial organization of biological processes using state-of-the-art imaging capabilities.
Purpose for research

The Princess Máxima Imaging Center plays a crucial role in pediatric cancer research by providing state-of-the-art imaging technology and expertise. Microscopy plays a vital role in visualizing the morphology, behavior, and activity of cells over time, enabling a deeper understanding of spatial and temporal dynamics in complex biological systems. By investing in microscopy, researchers gain a unique perspective on the interactions and processes within 3D organoids. This facilitates the study of human biology, drug screening, and examination of cancer and environmental cell interactions, particularly in the context of immunotherapies.

Expert knowledge and support accelerate research through guidance in experimental design, image processing, and quantification. Collaboration and knowledge exchange through user trainings and workshops foster innovation and expedite discoveries. Outcomes include a better understanding of patient heterogeneity, biomarker identification, and insights into therapy resistance mechanisms.
The center empowers researchers with cutting-edge imaging technologies, expert support, and a collaborative environment, enhancing studies, improving outcomes, and advancing therapeutic strategies for children with cancer.

Equipment overview
  • M80 dissection microscope
  • M205 FA automatized fluorescence stereomicroscope
  • DM6 upright fluorescence microscope
  • DMi8 widefield fluorescence microscope, suitable for live imaging
  • DMi8 THUNDER widefield fluorescence microscope, suitable for live imaging
  • SP8 confocal microscope with 8Khz resonant scanner, suitable for live imaging
  • LSM880 dual multiphoton/confocal platform equipped with AiryScan suitable for live imaging
  • FVMPE-RS multiphoton equipped with SIM scanner for (intravital) imaging and high-precision photomanipulation suitable for live imaging
  • STELLARIS 8 FALCON confocal microscope with 8Khz resonant scanner, FLIM lifetime imaging, suitable for live imaging
  • Z.1 light sheet microscope
  • Quest Spectrum surgical imaging device
  • IVIS SpectrumCT system for bioluminescence detection in vivo
  • Image analysis workstations

The Princess Máxima Imaging Center supports the Center’s research groups and researchers via project collaborations. For external parties interested in accessing the facility, they are encouraged to reach out and contact the center for further information and potential collaboration opportunities.

By providing access to the latest microscopy tools and exceptional imaging capabilities we pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries Dr. Ravian van Ineveld - Postdoc, coordinator Imaging center
Dr. Ravian van Ineveld

With a passion for developing new microscopy technologies and supporting others in achieving their scientific goals, dr. Ravian van Ineveld leads the Imaging Center, driving technological advancements in paediatric oncology research. His extensive expertise in organoid imaging and multispectral 3D confocal microscopy positions the facility at the forefront of innovation. Van Ineveld’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment empowers researchers to explore new frontiers of knowledge through advanced imaging techniques. By providing access to the latest microscopy tools, Van Ineveld ensures that researchers at the center can achieve exceptional imaging capabilities and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.


This facility is embedded in the Rios group and made financially possible by donations of KiKA.

Ravian van Ineveld (head)