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Quality of life/care and long term effects

Here you will find summaries of a selection of ongoing clinical trials on the quality of life/care and long term effects of treatment (LATER).

Cancer in Pregnancy (CIP): long term follow-up of the children  Clinical study into the short and long-term development of children who were prenatally exposed to any type of maternal cancer and/or treatment - open for inclusion

ChIMES feasibility study  Clinical study to find out whether it is practically feasible in daily care to use an oral score list that is completed by a child or parent when there is a risk of a sore mouth (oral mucositis) as a result of chemo- and/or radiotherapy - closed for inclusion

CONTACT study  Clinical study of the experiences of patients, parents and healthcare providers with the conversations in which the diagnosis and treatment is explained during the diagnosis trajectory - open for inclusion

Dynamic FDG-PET  Clinical study to evaluate the use of dynamic FDG-PET scan in pediatric oncology - open for inclusion

Educational priorities (pediatric cancer)  What is important for a pediatrician to know and do when a child has suspected pediatric cancer? Educational priorities in a new pediatric oncology curriculum for general practice pediatricians - open for inclusion


FOLLOW-ON study (ALL)  Clinical study investigating the long-term outcome of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivors who have experienced symptomatic osteonecrosis during or shortly after discontinuation of treatment - open for inclusion

KinderOncoNet  Determine the needs of children with cancer, their parents, survivors and healthcare professionals for care close to home and developing a multidisciplinary care network called KinderOncoNet - open for inclusion (Dutch-speaking only)

NEMO Project  Clinical study of predicting daily functioning of children with cancer based on changes in their cognition/behavior - open for inclusion

No place like home….  Focus group study to explore the wishes and needs of parents and children >12 years to receive part of their oncological treatment at home - closed for inclusion (Dutch-speaking only)

Watch Us Move  Clinical study of physical activity patterns using a smartwatch in children with cancer during treatment for cancer - open for inclusion