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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is an independent committee established on 12-06-2018 which is responsible for the scientific evaluation and quality assurance of all proposals for scientific research conducted by the Princess Máxima Center. The goal of the committee is to ensure that the clinical research carried out in the Princess Máxima Center is of the highest possible quality and that it is aligned with the mission statement of the center.

The committee consists of a ‘Biobank and Data Access Committee’ and a ‘Clinical Research Committee’ (CRC).

The Biobank and Data Access Committee comprises the following members:

-     Dr De Haas (Chair)

-     Prof. Dr Zwaan (Head of Trial and Data Centre, PI pharmaceutical research)

-     Prof. Dr Holstege (Principal Investigator)

-     Dr Tops (Head of Diagnostic Laboratory)

-     Ms Sickinghe (Client Council)

The CRC comprises the following permanent members:

-     Prof. Dr Zwaan (Chair, Head of Trial and Data Centre, PI pharmaceutical research)

-     Prof. Dr Vormoor (Clinical Director Hemato-oncology)

-     Prof. Dr Kremer (Clinical PI LATER)

-     Dr Tissing (Clinical PI supportive care)

-     Dr Grootenhuis (Clinical PI psycho-oncology)

-     Dr Molenaar (Pre-clinical PI)

-     Dr Sonneveld (Staff member Diagnostic Laboratory)

-     Dr. Hanff (Pharmacist)

-     Dr Lopez (Statistician)

-     Dr Fiocco (Statistician)

-     Mr Lieverst (Data Management Coordinator, also representing SKION)

-     Ms Sickinghe (Client Council)

To register a research study with the committee please go to following page: You would like to carry out research in the Princess Máxima Center: how does this work?

The Biobank and Data Access Committee meets once every two weeks.

The CRC also meets once every two weeks. If an application is registered no less than one week before the next meeting, the application will be considered in that meeting.