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Statistical Methodology

The statistics core group is embedded in the Trial and Data Center.

Expertise in the group:

The staff in the group have a solid mathematical background to rigorously approach data-answerable research questions. The group expertise ranges from the design of the study up to the final analysis of the data by using the appropriate statistical and mathematical methodology.

Statistics: How?

It is crucial that a statistician is involved together with the PI in setting the new research plan, discussing the statistical analysis plan to be performed, and advise on sample size determination.

Statistics: When?

  • Routine but also speculative research benefit from a rigorous mathematical/statistical input.
  • It is definitely beneficial that PhD students have not only a clinical supervisor but also a statistical one
  • Statistics lectures at PMC are beneficial, selected topics can be chosen by the researchers

What we offer:  

  • Support medical researchers at PMC, on how data can be collected and analysed to correctly answer the medical research question.
  • Involved together with the PI in setting the new research plan and discuss the statistical analysis plan to be performed.
  • Help/advise PhD students and researchers with the proper statistical analysis
  • Provide sample size computations for prospective studies
  • Lecture in statistics target to specific topic of interest for the researchers



    Harm van Tinteren, Rana Dandis, Yilin Jiang, Marta Fiocca.


    Email: statistics@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl