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Expertise point questionnaires: PROM Facility

Within the Princess Máxima Center the use of questionnaires for care and research via the KLIK PROM portal is increasing considerably. This requires a central place to coordinate, facilitate, optimize the use of data and further develop our expertise. This makes the PROM Facility unique, and once again demonstrates the innovative strength of the Máxima Center in integrating care and research.

Importance of questionnaires (PROMs)
PROM is another word for questionnaires: Patient Reported Outcome Measures. PROMs provide insight into how children and their parents and (young) adults feel and function in daily life. This concerns aspects that are not objectively observable, but that can be measured with questionnaires, such as pain, fatigue and anxiety. With PROMs you give families an extra voice so that we know better how they are doing, which contributes to better care and research, and thus to quality of life.

What does the PROM Facility do for you?
The PROM Facility has expertise in questionnaires for care and research, and can provide advice and support to you as a practitioner or researcher.

If you have any questions, please contact us. To use our service, you can submit a request via this intake form.

Contact persons
Coordinator care: Marloes van den Heuvel
Coordinator research: Kelly van Bindsbergen
Head of PROM Facility: Martha Grootenhuis

Use of questionnaires at the Princess Máxima Center

The use of questionnaires at the Máxima Center can be divided in 5 areas of application: