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All patient materials that are collected during treatment are registered and processed by the diagnostic laboratory. Although patient materials are primarily intended for routine diagnostics, the lab procedures are designed in a such a way that excess material and derivatives thereof (like DNA) can be used for research purposes (provided that patient and/or parents have given informed consent). These materials are stored in the Maxima biobank. The biobank contains primary patient materials (tissue, blood, bone marrow, etc.) and derivatives thereof (DNA, RNA, etc.), but also aims to store materials that have been generated in a research setting. Examples are organoid cultures, patient-derived xenograft models, etc.
What we offer:

The diagnostic laboratory manages the biobank and can facilitate specific requests, including:

  • temperature controlled and monitored storage of bio-materials
  • sectioning of tissue slides for microscopy
  • isolation of DNA/RNA from archived specimens
  • dedicated storage of samples from (international) research projects